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Life History

Life History Of "Harichand Thakur" --------------------------------------

Thakur, Harichand (1811-1877) a Hindu votary and founder of the matuya sect.

Shrishriharililamrta is the principal religious scripture of the Matuya. Apart from praising Hari and meditating upon him, the Matuya believe in kindness to the living. In order to stress the importance of all living creatures and the equality of all life, they say that the remains of what a dog has eaten are holy food and that what is upheld as holy by the vedas and orthodox religion is to be violated.

These ideas are expressed in the following lines of verse:

Hari dhyan Hari jnan Hari nam sar
Premete matoyara matuya nam yar
Jibe daya name ruchi manusete nistha
Iha chhada ar yata sab kriya bhrasta;
Kukurer prasad pele khai
Veda-bidhi shauchachar nahi mani tai

Young Time Of "Thakur"

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